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New Member
May 24, 2020
I buyed chara for chara auctions with '' ring '' from Archeology. So, that guy told me price 200 stars, i said ok. He put lvl 43 char on auctions, i bought it and empty bags.. I have screenshots of chats, hes names. Also i want my stars back or ring. Whom i need to send evidents?


New Member
Jun 2, 2020
Keeping my back to Sam, I adjusted the bulge in my shorts and turning, I picked up the container covering the remaining sandwich and slipped it into the backpack.

I slung it over my shoulder and I tried not to let my mind run wild with thoughts of what tomorrow would bring. A blow job before sex would get me off the hook for being quick. I wondered if Jen would swallow or spit, or maybe jack me off on her amazing tits on this best webcam site - https://livesex.bar/ .

I took a deep breath, pushing thoughts of Jen from my mind. I needed to start helping Sam before she started bitching, and do it without an obvious hard-on. My mind already on oral sex, I thought of what Sam had done with the banana and caught myself wondering if she swallowed? The thing about Sam was that if I asked, she would probably answer me, and fairly crudely.

Sam got upset when she was considered one of the guys, but she brought it on herself with the way she dressed and her language. Some of my friends and I had debated whether she was a freak or all talk. Personally, my feeling was she would be a wild ride, but not with just anyone. Sam had been with two guys that I knew of and had dated both for months before putting out.
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