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[Naxx] Naxxramas So when can we expect Naxxramas


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Aug 6, 2016
I know AQ just came out, but we kinda cleared it way to fast, and alot of guilds already have it on farm. so i was just woundering when we can expect Naxxramas to come out ? like in 2016 ? summer 2017 ?
i know alot of players on K1 is waiting for it, myself included. im just hyped to Clear it again :)
On retail Naxx was released 6month after AQ was added (took almost a month for the first AQ to be opened)

Even though no official post has been made regarding your question I would exspect Kronos to likely not release Naxx any sooner than January 2017. Sadly I'm one that has been excited for Naxx more than AQ but I think it's fare to not rush to give guilds time to gear up and for the Devs to polish it as much as possible before release.

The AQ Hype is still very strong ATM.
This is where prior knowledge of what to expect in a raid helped people clear an instance and trivialize it where possible came most into play.

Back in the day (2005) we all hyped for AQ, we did CC farming while confused of why we were doing it, and the works.

Once guilds pushed passed the first 3 bosses (not counting Bug Trio) they hit a wall, and harsh reality. A wall that required people to farm NR to get past. So every guild (even top ones) had to take a step back, regroup and get past this wall to clear it.

We had knowledge of this wall and had time to prep (OG K-1 a lot longer than of old Nost players).

This isn't too possible for Naxx other than stacking consumables in alt-banks, as most of the good FR gear comes from Naxx itself. Regardless when it comes out, kudos to the dev team for pulling off the AQ release and fixing the issues as they showed ASAP.

I expect the same attention to detail on for Naxx.

Thanks again for the work the forum GMs to the Devs put in.
I kinda expected it would take atleast 6 months from AQ to naxx realease, and as Labathor said im hoping and expecting it to come out in Q1 2017.

Also want to say thank you GMs and scripers for making the AQ raids as good as they where, ofc there was a few bugs in our firsts raids there, but seems like everything is as close as it was in the good old vanilla, and as varth pointed out Viscidus was fixed, so he got as hard as he should be, and only the top guilds can take him on :) witch is the way it should be, but again these guilds is allready starting to prepere for Naxx, myself included.

just getting hyped to relive the good old days :) and looking forward to go back to Naxx.

And again. Thank you Kronos team, you are doing an great job, keep it up :D
Would rather wait until summer 2017 and have a perfect naxx than jan 2017 and have a naxx similar to AQ on release.

Let them take their time, there's no need to rush, after naxx is out and KT is dead the game is finished.
I know there wont be any more pve content after Naxx, but im still looking forward to clear it, kinda have this dumb dream, and i know it wont happen. But it would be rly cool if they added some of the TBC content downscaled for lvl 60 players, and ofc make it harder then naxx, but still doable. it wont happen for sure, not sure if it is eaven is posibole, but it would be awesome
Would rather wait until summer 2017 and have a perfect naxx than jan 2017 and have a naxx similar to AQ on release.

Let them take their time, there's no need to rush, after naxx is out and KT is dead the game is finished.

Thing is, even a Offical Dev said, AQ 40 was working 99% on their ptr server but once they transferred it over to the live server it opened a lot of bugs and broken encounters. This kind of thing is unavoidable, even Naxx will never have a chance of being 100% regardless as to how long they take as anything can go bad when moved to the live server.
Naxxramas definitively won't come out in 2016. We are discussing possibility to test Naxxramas on PTR, however each test would have its own part - for example tests per quarters, tests per boss only and so on.
Of course we will let you know if something like this is going to happen or not.

As for the Ahn'Qiraj, I'm pretty satisfied although it was not and still is not perfect. We learnt from the mistakes and we will try to avoid them in release of Naxxramas and future releases on Kronos II.

In the meanwhile, once session persistence is live on both realms, I'm going to focus on currently available content on Kronos I, postfixing remaining issues in Ahn'Qiraj, Zul'gurub, Blackwing Lair and even in Molten Core, with secondary focus on transport system (Mac clients RIP, pets on transports, ...) and generic mechanics (pets, tweaking mob AI, classes).

Erminn, PTR of course would reduce the amount of bugs introduced on live realm, however few of them appeared only after several runs over the raids. Sadly, you cannot be sure enough to have it bug-free. These things will always happen, in lesser or greater format.

The release of Ahn'Qiraj was pretty tiresome for me personally, as the entire release was upon the players, Ahn'Qiraj opened its gates around 5:30 AM server time (my time as well) if I remember correctly.

During the release I have not slept for almost 48 hours due to final preparations. Also the pre-event took really big time to develop, which I'm pretty sad about since its a one time event, worth nothing but visuals.

However, I believe, we had the best opening event (beside "blizzlike" lag in Kalimdor) ever any free Classic server had. I'm hoping that you satisfied at least a little bit, too.

Naxxramas will come out in its complete glory and shine.
Would rather wait until summer 2017 and have a perfect naxx than jan 2017 and have a naxx similar to AQ on release.

Let them take their time, there's no need to rush, after naxx is out and KT is dead the game is finished.

This I disagree with. My entire guild will have T2.5 on rot in 4 more months. Stagnation and player attrition will be extremely brutal if Naxx isn't looking like Q1 2017. Most high end guilds experienced this with 12 months of BWL farm. ONSLAUGHT is at the top of the PVE food chain on horde side, and it is and always will be very easy to steal the best and most geared players from other guilds, causing them to suffer the most.

I would prefer a promised date and all the bugs that come with it. If things are scripted 100% exactly, then there are no surprises or difficulty bumps. The longer we can farm AQ40, the easier Naxx will be. This is my opinion.
The later it gets out the better.. PvP is less and less interesting with every new tier of gear and as someone who played on Feenix for 4 years with Naxx around, I can say that it can get really boring with locks shooting 4k shadowbolts, rogues quiet often killing 6k hp/mail wearers in CHEAP shot, elemental shamans critting 5k every 3rd spell, paladins being almost unkillable, etc.

Also, if you open it too soon with all bosses available, the instance will get cleared within few weeks tops and server will start dying out shorty because PvE players wont have any reason to play without new bosses coming. Feenix dragged out release of last 3 bosses in Naxx for 3 years (each year 1 boss) and it worked out for them, server was alive until KT died. Ofc, you shouldn't drag it out for 3 years, but atleast an year imo seems ok. If there was an year between BWL and AQ without any problems, there shouldnt be any if there's the same gap between AQ and Naxx either.
You have a TBC server, so why not make new tbc servers with the opportunity to start with your lvl 60's there, after Kronos pve is cleared for a while?
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