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Shaman Spec question (Full PvP or PvPvE)

Feb 26, 2016
So my guild and I are all established players on p99, and come here to relax. We play on the Hordeside, and plan on PvE and PvP in equal measure.

My question for you guys is, since I already obtained permission to raid as Enhancement, would your recommend a full PvP spec, or a hybrid PvPvE spec?

I’m currently considering this spec as a hybrid PvPvE spec: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#hxf0xcZxibdVMht If I were to go full PvP, I would lose Convection, Enhancing Totems, and Imp Weapon Totems, and pick up Concussion, Imp Lightning Shield, and Parry. What do you guys think? Should I go full PvP spec, or try to accommodate both?

Also, I am well aware that “they” consider Enhancement to be inviable for PvE. They also told me that Tankadins were inviable back on Nost, but that din’t stop me from becoming one of the better PuG raid tanks on that server.

In any event, I will be raiding with people who know what I’m about, and who are prepared to deal with an Enhancement Shammy in their raid. Please don’t reply just to tell me I can’t do it, as you are likely part of the same crowd that told me I was wasting my time, back on Nost.
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