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Other ST Hakkar Event


New Member
Mar 30, 2018
Has anyone been able to successfully complete this? I can't seem to figure out why it keeps bugging out after the third brazier?

No surpressors alive, only the little snakes. Anyone have any info?
worked flawless this weekend
Anything specific you did or noticed? Like we had blood mobs down quickly, suppressor I think channeled for 1 sec before we engaged him (rest died before that one briefly channeled for maybe a second) but we were behind on clearing little snakes. No idea if you have to keep those all dead. Had a solid group too.

Maybe because the one suppressor channeled briefly?

So confusing what could make you fail when you are on top of everything.
Did that as well it's working tho no idea what changed did everything the same maybe just a little faster. Thanks for input
bugged for us today, couldnt restart the event with numerous people having the egg

did ST yesterday twice, worked fine

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