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New Member
Feb 14, 2020
I'm not making this post as a complaint, just as an outburst !.

On 11/23/2019 at the age of 40, I suffered a heart attack and had a heart surgery, I was approximately 2 months without being able to play, look at the phone or have any kind of annoyance.

After this period I was only able to play games that did not cause stress, so I decided to play wow again after years.

I called my wife and my son, but both are saturated with the game and no longer have patience, however, because of my situation or maybe out of pity they entered Kronos with me and created their characters to play together.

After about 4 days of games they started to give up and then I was playing alone, the server was with a few players, perhaps reflecting the launch of the official Classic, but I really liked Kronos, because of all the servers that I joined, it was what brought me the exact experience of playing at Blizzard in the 2000s.

So I decided to play with all the characters since I play with warrior and it is very complicated to do all the sequences of quests alone.

I looked on the internet and found this link: https://furyswipes.wixsite.com/mysite

it was then that a new form of play and a constant joy took over my gameplay, I learned to use the multibox and I was then able to have a good experience playing alone without depending on any other player, although this is one of the cool things in wow vanilla , with few players on the server it makes no difference.

After 2 weeks of play I'm still at Lvl 32 with all 3 characters, although it seems to be an advantage to play with 3 this is also a lot of work, and not easy.

It was then that last night I was banned by an admin for 7 days.

He explained the rule to me, was polite and told me that I had to apply the punishment, I was very disappointed, because I lost all my work. and even sadder because after everything I've been through since the surgery, wow was the only thing that was bringing me joy again.

I understand and respect the rules, I respect the attitude of the GM, and I was not upset with him, but rather disappointed with the Rule.

My point of view is that the server is not so full, because not allowing the multibox, however, with restrictions of the type.

- Prohibited PvP or Killing other players while playing multibox.
- Limit 3 characters at a time, thus avoiding dungeons alone
- Time limit connected.

Good is just a suggestion.

May god bless Kronos and everyone.
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