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Swap K1 for K3 priest


New Member
Feb 16, 2019
Hey people!

I leveled an undead priest to 60 on K1, then was inactive for a while but I'd love to raid again.
Problem is every time I log in to K1 there are only 5 about lvl 60's on :(

So, I guess everyone wants to be on K3 (why?) and this might be a futile attempt, but is there anyone that wants to trade their 60 priest on K3 (don't really care about race / faction / gear etc) for my 60 undead priest on K1? :D
I got to like 70% pre-raid gear with just a horrible neck and staff and 2 devout and 1 virtuous.

Let me know :D


Aug 26, 2014
I guess everyone wants to be on K3 (why?)
Bcs it's more F R E S H. Everyone prefers F R E S H servers to Naxx-on-farm-and-I-am-far-behind servers. And then it works as a snowball - you have 3k online server and 500 online server, but these 500 will soon become 50.

You can try selling your 60 via official twinstar.cz auction, and for the Stars you get, buy a maybe lvl 40 priest on K3. Not sure there are buyers though.
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