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The Mechanic Chicken Quests

Oct 9, 2014
Hi I just wanted to ask if all 3 Mechanic Chicken Quests are working properly on your sever? I've never seen any private server or even Retail Vanilla where these 7 (2 + 2 + 2 + 1) Quests worked as they should. (they fixed it in TBC)

In Tanaris, Feralas and Hinterlands there is a possibility to drop a mechanic chicken part at random mobs. This mechanic chicken part starts a quest, which will lead you to the chicken itself. Then you can start an escort with this chicken. So for every of the 3 chicken there are 2 quests, maked 6 quests PLUS 1 in Booty Bay, as soon as you finished all 3 of them.

This is actually a pretty important thing for me because in the hard, long lasting leveling phase between 43-51 all these quests combined give you more than half a level.

Here the issues I came across in all the years of WoW:

1. Looting the chicken was impossible while you had another chicken in your inventory (even if it was from other zones)
2. Accepting the quest was impossible while you had another chicken in your inverntory (even if it was from other zones)
3. Finishing the quest wasn possible because the quest window didnt open if you right-clicked the chicken to finish the first quest.
4. Accepting the escort wasnt possible.
5. Chicken despawning while the escort was ongoing (this happend A LOT!!)
6. Infinite enemy spawn while the escort was ongoing (specially in Tanaris this happend a lot)
7. Quest giver didnt spawn
8. Quest giver didnt spawn until server reset
9. Quest giver needed almost an hour to spawn
10. You couldnt accept OR finish the 7th quest to get the pet.
11. Chicken dying way to fast and getting to much damage.

More could be added to this I think, but I'm sure the hardest bugs could be wiped out if you know the problems.

Sorry for my bad English and thanks for the great work. Hoping for a release in January.


New Member
May 21, 2014
I rechecked the quests for you, here's the current result:

issues 1-4: don't exist (working/fixed)
issue 5: only the Tanaris escort is bugged in that regard, easy to fix though.
issue 6: a small overdose of mobs spawn in the hinterlands escort, but not infinitely.
issues 7-9: you mean the chickens, in case you failed an escort ? they respawn quickly, so you can restart.
issue 10: works fine, you will get the https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=10398 after completing all 3 escort quests and reporting in Booty Bay.
issue 11: All 3 chickens have the correct amount of health and survive long enough if you don't leave them alone with their ambushers :)

Overall: each quest only needs a little more of love to be working flawlessly. And they WILL work when we open our gates ! You have our word !
Oct 9, 2014
issues 7-9: you mean the chickens, in case you failed an escort ? they respawn quickly, so you can restart.
Exactly. This was the biggest problem beside the infinite spawn. On my first levling phase on Emerald Dream at launch we were 5 guys waiting in Tanaris for the Chicken itself to spawn. Waited about 45 minutes, then the server got a reset and the chicken was there. (We failed btw. because the chicken randomly despawned in the middle of the escort)

But thank you for keeping an eye on it and also thanks for the answer. Keep the good work up! :wink:
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