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The Nightmare Manifests


Jul 3, 2015
Hello, I am currently trying to do "The Nightmare Manifests" to receive my last shard for the AQ war effort quest-line. This evening we tried for our 4th time, but the quest seems even more bugged than when we ran khano/ruktuku. After Keeper Remulos summons Eranikus, he will run down the dock and despawn and instantly failing the quest. He had multiple projections. here are images from last time, "http://imgur.com/tuwZIE4" "http://imgur.com/NjbKqKL". and current "http://imgur.com/a/Rl2Sc". As of right now the event does not even trigger, as you can see in picture #3 multiple Eranikus will just hover over the pathway.

I am currently unable to complete the quest, and have tried tickets 2 times now with no response while i am able to be online. I have also tried IRC, but i must not be smart enough for it. :blink:
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