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The state of K3 World Chat


New Member
Oct 15, 2018
It's honestly kind of disgusting. Their is open and blatant racism spouted on world chat for hours at a time some days. Specifically, 3 or 4 people. And nothing is being done about it. Are there in game GM's?


New Member
Mar 17, 2018
"Waaaah mommy, the meanies in the game are being waaaaacist!"
No excuse for this post, since that's what the /ignore feature is for. If you don't want to see messages, add them to ignore. It's a better idea than inserting your troubles here about how free speech needs to be censored because it hurts your feefees. Really don't see why you don't
go to your ignore list and add any players you find offensive; that way, you wouldn't be offended anymore since you wouldn't see them write. It's
gotta be better than coming here to demand the GMs cater to your whim. If the GMs just banned every player that someone found offensive, then
every player would be banned because everyone has said something to offend someone at one point or another, even if only slightly. So it's just
really pointless to make the post that you made.
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Apr 23, 2018
+1 runoc

Just go into your game options and click / check the mature filter. Ignore module also works well. Stop trying to be an armchair captain Musstard... you are a disgrace to the free world.


New Member
Aug 20, 2015
Our team do not approve of language that break our project's rules. However, it's impossible for our team to watch world chat 24/7. We can't be everywhere at every time. If someone is breaking our rules regarding language inside of world. Take screenshots and post it in our Blacklist forum here. This will help us to be able to catch those that we do miss. However, when we do see this kind of behaviour in chat. We talk to the players to try and get them to stop, and take action as needed from there. Just because you don't see us getting involved in most cases, doesn't mean we don't.
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