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UaV AQ40 Pug


Apr 27, 2016
Ontario, Canada
Hi all! Tonight on December 22 at 7 pm EST (Dec. 23 1 am server time), <Unite and Vanquish> will be hosting a limited time AQ40 PUG.

- Be geared.
- Have Discord.
- C'thun Warner and KTM required.
- Loot is MS > OS.
- Any two items will be reserved for the guild (C'thun Mace and AQR in mind).
- Dire Maul will be cleared for buffs two hours prior.

And to clarify: UaV is not dying or anything. We are a weekend raiding guild and our raids this week fall on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, so many members cannot make it. Back to normal after the holidays :)
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