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Horde Vindaloo [EU] is looking for more casual players!


Feb 28, 2016
Dear Kronos players,

we're happy to announce that the Vindaloo guild would like to offer a guild home for those with friendly and relaxed behavior, with a strange vanilla passion, and to those who do not necessarily aim to 40man raiding.

As you can read, this is not another big serious raiding guild advertisement, we aim to offer a smaller home, with more casual approach.

We're not looking for a dozen of new members, few will do just fine!

Let's get some basic idea:
It's ok if you're high on weed or low on beer.
It's not ok if you behave like fool, or like impatient gnome. Or dwarf. Or both.

Interested? Homeless? Do you think you can fit? Read more at:

And eventually apply to Vindaloo guild at our website.

In case of any questions pm Alwira here, Drela on Vindaloo web-site, or Drela/Alwira/Gerlaf in-game.

Thanks for reading!
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