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Welcome to Kronos! (Read this first)

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Feb 22, 2016
For your account safety and ease of use, it is important that you replace your entire client and wow.exe file with the ones below. Many other servers have edited or modified their downloadable to prevent you from connecting to other servers such as Kronos. In addition, you will need to replace the Realms list file. It is also good practice (and will save you unwanted bugs) to delete your WDB folder before launching on our servers. See below for more details.


Creating your account: Please be sure to use a unique username and password combination that you have not used elsewhere. Do not use special characters in your account name as it will prevent your game client from properly saving, and may result in poor or unplayable game situations.

How to connect to Kronos:
http://www.kronos-wow.com/how-to-connect/ We highly recommend using our client, which is in essence a clean copy from the original retail shipping. Other server clients may be compromised or include additional code that could result in bugs, issues or open you up to being hacked by third parties. Alternatively, you can also use the original game disks to obtain a copy of the game and simply update your Realm List information. We do not recommend any other method.

Know our Rules:
Ignorance is not a valid excuse. http://www.kronos-wow.com/project-kronos-rules/

Read the FAQ:


Please be aware there are known bugs for Mac users that were also part of the Vanilla Experience at Blizzard. These bugs are currently beyond our control and may result in freezing or disconnections while using boats in the game.

You can reach our GM staff both via the in-game ticket support system, or by visiting us on IRC at the information found here: http://www.kronos-wow.com/support/

WOW.EXE Download


Q: What is a Modified wow.exe?
A developer edits the wow.exe file and changes the way it functions or adds function to it.

Q: What does a Modified wow.exe do?
Most edited wow.exe's made by private servers are edited to rewrite the realmlist.wtf file every time it is run, causing the players to only be able to play on that realm.

Q: Why would someone want to do that?
It keeps players that do not understand from playing on other private servers.

Q: Is the Kronos wow.exe Modified?

No, this is an original wow.exe from the Vanilla Game CD's itself.

Q: Alright I have downloaded both files above now what?

Open the directory where your World of Warcraft client is installed and delete wow.exe, Realmlist.wtf, and the WDB folder. After you have done that, click and drag the files you just downloaded to the directory where your World of Warcraft client is installed. Launch the game in administrator mode, and enjoy!
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