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Working Addons only


New Member
Mar 29, 2018
Hello everyone,

First, I want to thank and congratulate everyone who has worked for the pleasure of playing WOW Vanilla.
(I know the current official wow since 2014)

Being a new follower of WOW Vanilla, and having gone through the rules to respect, I come to ask you if I can allow myself to install some AddOns, in order to optimize my game in your WOW?

and what addons do you suggest, for a good basic job?

I ask you your indulgeance for my English translated by google, because I am of French language and I do not asser good English to write a long text.

And I apologize, if I'm not in the right place for my questions, but I searched, or we were talking about AddOns rescent.

A big thank you for your answers.:)


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
1. did you edit the .toc file so it says "11200" under version ? it it says 9000 or 21000 instead for example the client wont try to run it even if the addon works.

2. did you run addons that where based on the same concept ? if you run 2 addons which both where made using the same old addon as faundation odds are they will conflict & disable eachother kinda like how Carnival & Nature castbar conflict & disable eachother.

3. you should first get the basic addons which everyone needs such as "NTmysfixloadingtimes" for example, just focus on addons that compliment & balance & solve the old clients minor issues first and then you build on to it with what u want ^^ and don't forget the config.wtf
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