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    TwinStar team


gentle, are these guys playing burgertimes? cause except heartstabber I'ver never/hardly ever met any of your nominations.

pacov is good considering his gear is shite. heartstabber should do alot better in comparison. can't agree here.
all mage and druid mentions are also just average joes at best.

considering its about actual PvP and not duels and shit I can agree to your list iol, except for perp.
warrior is pretty tough choice idd. nothing astonishing. most just rely on their gear and it shows.
shamans and plain retards 99%. no totem swap, no purge timing, no nothing. basic plays and most of the times not even that.

Maybe he would be a great player if he had gear, but he doesn't have gear and is currently completely useless in matches. He can't kill anyone and relies on the rest of the team to carry him.
Based on players active in the past few months:


Heal: Toluca​
Shadow: none

Warlock: Edhris

Frost: Iolqt
FC: Cvika
Fire: Me ^.^​

Druid: none

Rogue: Acely

Hunter: Sarei

Warrior: Tfwnowf

Paladin: Sulfura


Heal: Esjey​
Shadow: idk​

Frost: Dms
FC: Dms
Fire: Ayz

Warlock: Cilva

Druid: none

Rogue: Pantheaa

Hunter: Khrey

Shaman: none stands out

Warrior: Swagkhalifa
gentle, are these guys playing burgertimes? cause except heartstabber I'ver never/hardly ever met any of your nominations.

pacov is good considering his gear is shite. heartstabber should do alot better in comparison. can't agree here.
all mage and druid mentions are also just average joes at best.

Yes, this is primarily in the evenings of NA timezones.

My criteria for best players includes things other players might not consider such as attitudes (desire to win, never giving up, regularly queuing games, etc.), non-character related abilities (scouting information, motivational chat, reprimand for leeches and cowards, etc.) and the ability to produce results with often-times very noob team mates.
Here are my 2cents on the best player list on the Horde side (i won't do Alliance coz I would sound very biased listing guildies)

Warrior: Swag
Hunter: Khrey, Abmi plays well too
Shaman: lot of OK shamans but none that stands out
Rogue: I like Panthea
Druid: dont know...didn't see any that wow'd me
Mage: Dms
Warlock: Lharts usually gives me most trouble
Priest: Again, none stood out to me, so I will name an alt: Esjey!

Clickfugl making a list. What a joke. I got to say, it's hard to pick one of each class, so I haven't. Also theres for sure players I've forgotten, who probably deserves to be on it aswell. Sorry about that.

Druid: Turbo
Hunter: Abmi
Mage: Silvont (plz fix your MS), Dms, Ayz
Priest: Prettyrad, Fried, Chrisgeah, Junocide
Rogue: Pinkskin, Baffles(rip)
Shaman: Lol, apparantly no gud shamans on this server (u mad cuz of GCD'ed all day errday?)
Warlock: Cilva, Lizha
Warrior: Peonscrub when hes not high, Meets, Swagkhalifa, Bloodfalcon, Dotamaster, Hurmel

Druid: U have a few annoying druids.. Icarryflags for exampel. I have a hard time remembering all the different ones.
Hunter: Sarei (always a pleasure to play against, fking tryhard)
Mage: Cvika (thanks for not going POM pyro like every other scrub)
Priest: Boltzmann (you seriously make me laugh and cry at the same time sometimes)
Paladin: I don't know shit about palas.. Sulfuras maybe
Rogue: Acely. He does what the rest of you often can't with less gear.
Warlock: Vancocin (i'm still amazed how many warlocks on alliance who fail to CoT me. Please keep it bad, 3sec CL sux <3)
Warrior: Vicia, Valor, Pr0nkers - also it seems Nedstark and Crypton has somewhat brains.. played too few games to tell
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Warrior - Relada, Vicia, Montecristo <3
Mage - Danielle <3, Eywin (Also has zg tiger+1)
Paladin -Sulfura (Love the holy pvp videos), Homeostasis
Rogue - Acley, Heartstabber
Warlock - Vancocin
Priest - Toluca, Boltzmann, Prehot (kek)
Hunter - Sarei, Woodsman
Druid - Icarryflags, Carebearz, Scratch


Warrior - Swag, Tellur, Polimax
Mage - Ayz, Dms, Pusso
Shaman - Delthar <3
Rogue - Panthea,
Warlock - Fellson
Priest - Eljay, Deadboi
Hunter - Khrey, Ambi
Druid - Wsgstar, Runawaylol, Burn

Warrior - Relada, Umipleb
Mage - Icetomeetyou, Maxa
Paladin -Sulfura
Rogue - Acley
Warlock - Vancocin
Priest - Toluca, Boltzmann, Illurev
Hunter - Sarei, Woodsman
Druid - Icarryflags, Carebearz


Warrior - Swag, Hurmelhej
Mage - Ayz, Dms, Pusso, Malise, Zl
Shaman - Delthar, Pipfugl
Rogue - Panthea
Warlock - Fellson, Lizha
Priest - Crucial, Prettyrad
Hunter - Steaksauce, Abmi, Reja
Druid - Runawaylol, H2K, Turbo
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King of Warriors

Warrior - pronkers
Mage -
Paladin -Retherz
Rogue - Iacob
Warlock - Malconi
Priest - Jequirity
Hunter - Ednaryt (by far)
Druid - I don't know


Warrior - Dotamaster
Mage - Daisyduke
Shaman - Delthar
Rogue - khnoxx
Warlock - Baroli
Priest - Jfx
Hunter - Paultrouble (not here anymore, but is one of the bests that ever played in kronos)
Druid - I don't know
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This is my list of best WSG players, seen from the perspective of horde flag carrier and as someone who has played on this server for about a year and a half I believe, but inactive the last six months. Therefor only K1 players and mostly people I played a lot with or who made a strong impression on me. If I only mention one person it's because they stand out to me.

Priest: Elmi (Heal) / Lehti (Shadow)
Warrior: Smooglab / Swagkhalifa
Hunter: Mugshot / Abmi
Mage: State (Frost and best horde FC defender, exceptional player) / Malise (POM)
Warlock: Temujin
Shaman: Crucifier
Rogue: Tekknix / Armageddon (rogue is hard for me to judge considering my BG role)


Priest: Toluca/ Boltzman (Heal) and Boezum (Shadow)
Warrior: Deousex / Relada
Hunter: Sarei, also Kauerle and Maybel
Mage: Skylover / Eywin /Iolwtf and a few others
Warlock: Can't really remember the name. Male human. Bains maybe?
Paladin: Oid
Rogue: Skyflower
Druid: Cowloverx (best FC I know)

Top 3 WSG players:
1. State
2. Sarei
3. Cowloverx

Dream horde FC defence
1. State
2. Mugshot
3. Elmi

Although having anyone defend a horde FC is a relief already.
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Priest: Lyandri
Warrior: Erminn
Hunter: Timecop
Mage: Qwee
Warlock: Rains
Paladin: Ermean
Rogue: Threewords, Ashlea isn't bad either

"BEST OF EACH CLASS KRONOS EDITION" - this is the correct thread for PvE too, right?
Ty khrey

This thread is now about Sachi being 2nd best pvper and Ahlaundoh being 2nd best PvE-Ranker™ (this term is brought to you by Panthea)

And as we all know from watching dance moms, 2nd place is the first one to lose.
Warrior - Twwf
Mage - Danielle
Paladin - Timmy
Rogue - Dazzling
Warlock - Djfresh
Priest - Boltzmann
Hunter - Timecop
Druid - Zeoxys

Warrior - Moose
Mage - Malise
Shaman - Pipfugl or Zeoxyys
Rogue - Thobbe
Warlock - Baroli
Priest - Malthael
Hunter - Steaksauce
Druid - Turbotigra
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Warrior - Laintime(?Get chain tho fucking mong)
Mage - Dms
Shaman - No good shamans tbh
Rogue - ?
Warlock - Baroli
Priest - Crucial,Docks
Hunter - Khrey
Druid - xd
Warrior - Nedstark
Mage - Furina
Paladin - Ned doesn't have a paladin char
Rogue - Ned doesn't have a rogue char
Warlock - Nedlockfel
Priest - Pocketheals
Hunter - Ned doesn't have a hunter char
Druid - Ned doesn't have a druid char
best warrior jahrakal
best rogue eggs
best mage letspartybro or malise

worst warrior worstworrier or minoan
worst rogue perp or sushi
worst mage yolam or madget
worst hunter timekop

idk how active those ppl are nowadays.
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