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[MC] Molten Core MC Trashmob skills


New Member
Dec 20, 2012
Hi every1,

most of you will already know but since missing in here a thread about and just as short Info-Post,

The list of Trahsmobs in MC:

+ Means info on the mob.
- Means what this mob does during combat.
= The basic strategy involved in killing it.


+Do NOT respawn back.

-Single target knockback.
-AE stomp up to 8 targets.


+150 minute static respawn.

-does 500 fire damage to a target.
-can debuff somebody to increase fire damage taken.
-casts 4000 dmg DOT, 250 DMG every 2 seconds + silences.
-Summons Lava Spawns, which does ranged DMG for 600, if left up, he will split into 2, etc...

=Kill lava Spawns as they come out first.
=Dispellers dispell DOTS ASAP.
=Mages use blizzard
=if fighting 2, get them together and blizzard AOE!


+150 minute static respawn.
+can be banished

-regular melee attack that does 600-800 to tanks.
-sometimes attacks any ramdom guy for no reason, but not for long.

=warriors taunt mob, everybody else stays back and nuke.


+28 minute respawn.
+can be banished.

-regular melee attack that does 600-800 to tanks.
-periodically surges to another target, dealing 800-1000 DMG around the target and knocks everybody back.

=same as Lava Annihilator, except everyone should spread out a little to avoid AE surge.
=if it becomes an add, banish it, and kill it last.


+18 minute respawn.
+they stop respawning once Magmadar dies.

-frontal 180 degree bite attack. So raid should stay behind it, tank in front of it.
-long range fire AE that does 800 DMG.
-also can do any of the following AEs:
Short duration stun.
200 fire resist debuff.
50% spell and melee slow.
Short duration confuse.
30% less health.
50% less int/spirit.

=have one tank at the front, everybody else stays behind.
=only AE worth dispelling is the 200FR debuff, which can greatly increase the DMG taken from his fire AE.


+Do NOT respawn back.
+lvl 63.
+agro seems to be less squirrelly than a giant.

-single target attack, and attacks quickly.
-has a stomp AE that knockdowns and stuns.

=when paired with a giant, kill giant first, then destroyer.


+7 minute respawn.

-hits tanks for about 200.
-small AE fire attack that stacks up quite quickly.

=warriors fight for aggro.
=mages use blizzard, if they get agro, use frost nova, then more AEs.
=move on quickly cause these guys respawn fast!


+60 minute respawn.
+there's 5 packs of 5 leading up to Magmadar.
+Each pack must all be killed at the same time (within 10 seconds apart at the most), or they will be reived back!

-hits tanks for about 300-400 DMG.
-frontal attack, which puts a DOT on taget that does 50 DMG every second for 30 seconds. This DOT can stack.

=get at least one warrior per hound.
=warriors should get the hounds to only face them, and away from the rest, to minimize melee DOT.
=have the rest make sure all hounds die at about the same time, so they dont get revived by another hound.


+120 minute respawn.
+4 different mob types.
+2 different groups:
two lava elementals, flameguard, firewalker.
Or lava reaver, flameguard, firewalker.

-Lava Reaver - easiest of them, melee attack and cleave. Can be banished.
-Lava Elemental- frontal AE stun/DOT. Can be banished.
-Flameguard - small AE DMG attack that constantly goes off. Debuff AC. inferno ability, which does big fire damage.
-Firewalker - most dangerous. AE fire resist debuff. Chains 3000 DMG fireballs at targets, can do this over 3 times in a matter of seconds. Kill this first.

=banish what ever can be banished, and kill them last.
=one warrior offtank flameguard.
=rest of raid focuses on killing firewalker first.
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Sep 15, 2014
One small thing, can you please change the color hue for the blue text, it's unreadable on IPS screens beacause of the contrast :).

Thanks and good work.


Sep 17, 2014
Bulgaria - EET
Jeez mate, thanks. I will gladly read dungeon guide for vanilla dungeon/raids. I played so long ago... Two times I made forums and copy/pasted ZG guide for my "future" guild, but it didn't happen. Still now it is really impossible to find such info. And for me who went 2 times in MC and 1 in ZG -- 7 years ago... it is a must. Thanks a ton.


New Member
Dec 31, 2014
Are you sure that the imp packs' respawn time was 7 minutes? I remember them respawning very quickly. And people always aggroed them during the Lucifron fight ._.


Jan 15, 2009
7 minutes is very quick respawn.
-You kill them
-1.5 min will take moving and resting
-3-5 mins will take clearing core hound packs so you have space for luci fight
-you have 0.5-2.5 mins for luci fight untill they rtespawn (and this fight takes about 5 mins, so they surely will be respawned at the end of the fight)
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