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    TwinStar team

Post your UI!

I tried to mesh together the original Blizzard actionbars and Bartender.


map toggle: ktm underneath. rarely have to use the two simultaneously so this saves some space...


player frame w/ castbar, breath and fatigue, black bar on target frame fills for my swing timer bar, black dots fill with combo points
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stole one of your fonts mcg. thanks!

If anyone knows how to make the chronometer bars themselves transparent, I'd like to know :eek:

^ nice, the font is called "Visitor TT1 -BRK-" and "Visitor TT2 -BRK-"
Gonna play horde druid on K3, so setting up my UI on an old ally druid on another realm currently. So far it looks like this.
Everything in the top 2 action bars are keybound. Bottom action bars are for clicking.

Addons I use:
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