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[RELEASE] - Modified Power Auras


Aug 9, 2014
[Modified] - Power Auras


What is Modified Power Auras?

Modified Power Auras is the advanced version of the AddOn Power Auras. It is a lot more powerful and provides every possible function that could be backported from cataclysm. Plus it provides some custom features that are very helpful.

What are the advantages of Modified Power Auras?

  • Use Icons instead of symbols
  • More performant
  • Show stacks of auras
  • Show double procs (Holy strength)
  • Show enemy buffs and debuffs
  • Show your buffs and debuffs
  • Show cooldown on trinkets or abilities
  • Customize your aura and its position on the whole screen
  • Use a lot new conditions to show/hide auras
  • Play a sound if a aura is applied or fades
  • Show buffs or debuffs from members in your (raid)group
Installing Instructions

  • Download the AddOn here
  • Rename the unziped folder to "ModifiedPowerAuras"
  • Place the folder into your AddOn directory in your World of Warcraft folder
  • Start the game
  • Type in /mpowa to open the configuration frame
  • Enjoy

How does it look like?

All frames opened (Profile/EditAura/IconFrame):

Auras on testmode:

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Good to see you're frequently using Bitbucket now without having to be told :p
Even greater to see that vanilla addons are still being developed.
Im using Bitbucket since a long time but I was never aware that you can easily download the repositorys there^^
I managed to produce the following error which happens when I click "Edit Aura" for a buff that I tried to track on friendly target. It happens only when I try to edit that particular aura, and works fine for other auras.

ModifiedPowerAuras\ModifiedPowerAurasOptions.lua:336: Usage: MPowa_ConfigFrame_Container_1_2_Editbox_DebuffDuration:SetText("text")<in C code>: in function `SetText'
ModifiedPowerAuras\ModifiedPowerAurasOptions.lua:336: in function `MPowa_Edit'
<string>:"MPowa_EditButton:OnClick":2: in main chunk

And here's a screenshot of it happening which may help you a bit with it: http://i.imgur.com/MmKLlbm.jpg

Issue #2 is that the color pick dialog window for timers appears to be put in the background of all the other windows and only way to use it is to first close the main window, pick a color, then open main window again. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/7OAdFdW.jpg

Lastly, I have a customized version of POWA as well which I call Power Auras Enhanced which supports tracking buffs/debuffs on any other player (and any number of other players) inside your raid group or party by specifiying the aura name in format "Ermean Blessing of Wisdom" for example. However, since it is based on the usual vanilla version of POWA and is inferior to your version in every other way, maybe you could add those functions to your own so we can have all of it in one addon?

EDIT: Getting this error too:
"MPowa_ConfigFrame_Container_2_2_Colorpicker...":4: attempt to index global `PowaText' (a nil value)<string>:"MPowa_ConfigFrame_Container_2_2_Colorpicker...":4: in main chunk

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Thanks for the report. I will fix this as soon as I'm coming home. This feature could be added in a later version then.
Okay I fixed the issues. I decided not to add the feature you mentioned for now, because it will eat a lot of ressources to check after every aura change in the raid for a player, plus iterating through every player to find the right player etc.

Maybe I will add it someday but for now the AddOn will remain without this feature. I could imagine it being kind of useful though, but I think there are other workarounds.

After you replaced the AddOn, just delete the the aura that has the issue and create it again
Use people's names as indices for quick lookup in a table when you receive a UNIT_AURA event.
Yes, I thought about this as well. Plus with todays computer I shouldnt worry too much about it. Yet I don't have the time for it unfortunatly now, nor do I want to break up the original power auras design too much. At some point I will add it, but not in the next few weeks :>

Still, I think that it will eat up a lot ressources if it iterates through the raid after every aura change. Even with the optimizations. So it may not be a feature for my stone called computer :p

Edit: I already wrote a few functions for this feature, till I decided to leave it out for now.

Edit2(After shutting down the Stone): Fuck it, I will add the feature tomorrow since I've already written half of it and it is useful ^_^
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The ability to move the icons around on the screen is very limited. It's like a 3x3-inch window at the center of the scren. Is there something im overlooking?
The ability to move the icons around on the screen is very limited. It's like a 3x3-inch window at the center of the scren. Is there something im overlooking?

When you move it, for example, all the way to left, then you can move it back to center and then move further to the left than last time. It's weird, but it can be done.
I implemented that mechanic to support a sensitive positioning, otherwise you would have to position the icons in 15 steps. If you hold shift it is even more sensitive
Added the feature that you requested. Didnt test it in raids though, so I dont know if it will cause lag. I guess not but you never know^^
I haven't checked the addon in game but I can see from the code that it's slower than it should be. You seem to check all auras against all raid members on every UNIT_AURA event. However, UNIT_AURA arg1 gives you the id of the player already (raid1...40 or party1...4) and you don't have to go through the list of players.

if event == "UNIT_AURA" then
    playerName = UnitName( arg1 );

So from here on you can go through list of auras and check if any of them is meant for this particular player, which is reduction from quadratic to linear time. However, what you can do instead is make a table that links player names to auras for even faster lookup. For example

AurasPerPlayer = {
    "Player1" = { "Aura1" = 1, "Aura2" = 1, ... },
    "Player2" = ...

And then you pretty much instantly have a list of auras that you are tracking for this particular player. After that it's just a matter of going through one single person's buffs and debuffs (with the tooltip scanner - UnitBuff( arg1, i ) and UnitDebuff( arg1, i )) and checking if for i-th buff/debuff it's true that AurasPerPlayer[ playerName ][ i ] == 1.

Since number of auras linked to just one player is typically much smaller than total number of all auras you are tracking with the addon, this is also a significant increase in performance.

I may have made a syntax error here somewhere since I am just writing this in a browser but I hope you get the idea and how much this would increase the efficiency of the addon.
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Another nice feature would be, that Consolidated buffs, that are about to runn out (like last 2 minutes of the duration) will be removed from the consolidated window. This way it works on retail.
whenever you click "raid only" as a filter, and clicks "never in battlegrounds" it still shows up in bgs.
I tried to use this to tell me when i had my cooldown's up. I configured it to an aura icon with a timer. It worked fabulously. I though a good enhancement would be to completely hide the aura icon & timer when the ability being tracked is not on cooldown and able to be used.
- Performance update
- Fixed a freeze issue
- Fixed battleground condition
- Implemented flash animation
Version 1.0:
- Fixed inverting function

- Added Drag & Drop function for icons
- Adjusted min/max values to 1800
- Fixed some crash issues
- Added some texture icons
- Fixed some misc minor issues
- Fixed tooltip weirdness
The addon looks nice, but not having the old auras is a dealbreaker.
Including them shouldnt be too hard, think you could add that in a future update?
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