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Other How important is it really to have a perfectly optimized group when raiding


Oct 16, 2014
Now we are saying we have multiple ferals.... Ignorance knows no bounds.

And apparently you have to be a specced "right" to battle rez and decurse (debuffs cause more raid damage than anything).

And nice job staying away from the ability to swap from dps or heal depending on the specific boss you are on.

And your counter is a fury warrior while you bitch about carrying people? You too get carried until AQ40, Naxx gear.

I am done with this tread.
I said a feral will decurse shoddily since they have less mana. That is a fact.

Fury warriors definately are not getting carried pre-AQ. They and rogues are the top dps at that level, and they are not bad before then. These are the top average dpsers vs. BWL on ED where AQ is not released: http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/Ranking.aspx?Bosses=0B0C0D0E0F0G0H0I&realm=ED

I'd rather get an actual healer or an actual dps than someone who is bad at both.

I am not comparing 2 ferals to a priest and a rogue.... the ratio here is not what was i meant.. we are talking 1 feral in a 40 man's raid. we are arguing on 1 slot which can be used for dps and heal at the same time (though not maxed) and how it can help adapt, rather than pure dps which might be better for some fights but will be down in others. you can not get 100% healer and 100% dps in 1 slot so "bring a rogue/priest" instead does not apply.
yes, a fury warrior can tank better and a mage can decurse, but a druid can decurse/heal/br/tank/replenish. simply ressing another dead player can turn the tables (if some % in dps can). its the ability to adapt and bring a more dynamic play style which imo means a tougher group with more chance of survival.
You clearly did not read all of my post.
The scenario where you don't have enough healers to make a kill unless one of you feral dpsers goes resto is so unlikely it's laughable. It's far more likely that you would have gotten the kill with the feral being a rogue instead (more dps = faster kill = less healing intensive).
All I was trying to say with that example was that a feral isn't a 75% dps and 25% healer, it's a 60% dps and 15% healer.

There is nothing a hybrid can't do that another class can't do far better. Being bad at everything is not a skill.
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